SMS Delivery Reports via API

  1. Parameter
  2. Statuscodes
  3. Error messages

You can pull Delivery Notififcation Reports (DLR) with the GET method in browser or webservice. User the following URI:,SMSID2,SMSIDxxx

Please seperate multiple SMSIDs with a comma to query multiple DLRs at once.


1.) Parameter for DLR

Parameter Exampler Description
Customer number(Mandatory) XY12345 Your Customer ID
SMS ID(Mandatory) 123456789 Reference-number of your SMS

Please replace customer number and SMS ID with your own data
If you not already have a customer number, you can get it here for free.
The SMS ID is a return pararmeter when you use our http or http-XML API.

2.) Status codes

By calling our Rest-API via GET-method you will get the following JSON:

  "smsId": "404xxxxx",
  "status": "0",
  "statusText": "OK",
  "mobile": "49175xxxxx",
  "dateTime": "2016-10-19 15:08:47",
  "statusDetailText": "Transfer OK - An das Telefon gesendet"

Definied Codes for status field:

 0 = OK
 1 = Open
 2 = Error

3.) Error Message

If you pass an invalid combination of customer id and SMS ID, you will get the following error message:

    "error": "smsid not found"
or an empty array in case of multiple DLRs queried
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